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            这10句情感心语必有一条适用于您 认清实际 了解自己

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            1:你不高兴是由于你没有好好爱自己 而是常常由于他人而消耗着自己

            You're not happy because you don't love yourself, but because you're consumed by others.

            2:终身之中一定会遇到某个人 他打破你的准则 改动你的习气 成为你的破例

            You 'll meet someone in这10句情感心语必有一条适用于您 认清实际 了解自己 your life who breaks your rules, changes your habits, makes you the exception.

            3:最可怕的便是你以为和你最好的那个人却是在背面估计你最深的人 .

            The worst part is that the person you think you're best with is the one behind you.


            A person, if not strong, weak to see!


            Later, you get more and more and more, you are not as easily satisfied as you used to be, and you are not as easily moved as you used to be. Then you start to be dissatisfied, critical, and demanding, until you destroy everything you have in front of you, and remember that what y这10句情感心语必有一条适用于您 认清实际 了解自己ou originally wanted was just a companion.


            In this world, everything can be done, only marriage can not be done. Because you don't want a certificate, you want a life after marriage. From marriage to old age, you have decades of life. On a day like this, I can't face a man who's about to die. So, life is, rather alone, than on.

            7:有些人 ,一旦遇见,便是一眼万年;有些心动,一旦开端,便木已成舟。有些人,相遇只需一会儿,相爱这10句情感心语必有一条适用于您 认清实际 了解自己只需一分钟,相忘却要用终身。有些事,发作只需一秒,却要用终身来回想。情不知因何而起,却一往情深 。

            Some people, once they meet, are a million years; Some heart, once started, will be difficult to recover. Some people, meet only a moment, love only a minute, but forget to use a lifetime. Some things happen only for a second, but it takes a lifetime to remember. Love does not know why, but deep love.


            Have you ever looked back at your chat with someone from the beginninjbdxblg to the present. Look at look at smile, smile and cry ... a person, from the unfamiliar approach you, and then strange.


            If life is only like the first time, what autumn wind sad fan? Blindly met, is a tree bloom amazing, how many times hand three living stone side, engraved with a vigorous oath, in the sky willing to do double flying swallow, in the ground willing to do even branches, Jun Ruojin list when the title, welcome me a Feng Guanxia, If Jun spent his life in the moonlight, I would accompany the king to drink and drink.


            Who can seize love and not let it slip away? Who can keep an eye on someone for months and months? You're too tired to control people, and giving them freedom is giving them freedom. You can go anytime, but you like to stay with you; Loving you is as if you are his destiny, forever, never let go of you, then, he is yours; I can't make it.


            当你看完了这1这10句情感心语必有一条适用于您 认清实际 了解自己0句 我想与你聊一聊 价值观 爱情观 亲情观。 在你的工作更上一层楼时 你是否静下来 想一想你的爱情是否错过了什么 失去了 后悔过?在想一想是否过于繁忙而疏忽了身边的亲人 家人 爱人 你可否乐意花几分钟与咱们沟通。也能够在谈论区 留言

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